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Make a Donation

There are many ways to support Butterfly’s project. Make your donation now and see how you contribute directly to the work of our Society:

  • With 5€ you contribute to the piggy bank that concerns the organization of events through which free preventive checks are offered all over Greece.
  • With 10€ you offer online and/or telephone support/information to people who live in remote areas and find it difficult to access medical services/advices.
  • With 15€ you contribute to the development of new programs that concern children with skeletal problems and rare musculoskeletal diseases.
  • With 25€ you offer a seminar of exercise, nutrition and psychology to people with serious skeletal diseases.
  • With 50€ you offer a complete package of examinations and follow-up by a specialized doctor to women who need it.
  • Make a donation regardless of the amount via paypal and/or credit cards (you will be taken to a secure website)
  • Voice Call and SMS to 19806 (charge 2€ + VAT)
  • By deposit in the account number of our Society:

Alpha Bank

Account No.: 148 00 2320 003274

IBAN: GR08 0140 1480 1480 0232 0003 274

Beneficiary: Butterfly Bone Health Society

(if you choose to deposit through a bank account you must state your name and inform us by phone (213 2086697) or by email about the donation. As soon as the donation is identified, you will be sent a receipt and a thank you letter to the contact details that you will have indicated to us.)

  • Alpha Bank – Donation for Purpose

Now through Alpha Bank and Web Banking, you can make a donation regardless of the amount to our Society! Go to Alpha bank web banking website and in the section “Payments” you will find the subsection “For social purposes”. From there you can choose our Society.


  • By postal check

(At the back of the postal check in the “space for messages” area, fill in the purpose e.g. donation as well as your contact details, so that we can send you your receipt and your thank you letter.)


  • Directly to our offices (Athinas 10, 14561, Kifissia)