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For the past 15 years, the Butterfly Society has been responsibly carrying out the “Health and Quality of Life for All” program and provides free preventive bone density tests and counseling by specialized doctors to residents of the entire Greek territory. Butterfly has portable GE units, which demonstrate levels of bone density throughout the body.

The advantages of the examination:

  • The examination is performed on the ankle, it is completely painless and lasts 5′.
  • It is done with the method of ultrasound (screening) and does not burden the body with radiation.
  • The examinee gets his result immediately and has the opportunity to get a first opinion and advice from the doctors who frame the event that day.
  • The test can be done in the whole population but is mainly recommended for menopausal women and men over 65 years old.

Measurements of bone density (osteoporosis) with the Dexa method

Butterfly supports patients with osteoporosis by implementing another program entitled “Your skeleton supports you. Are you taking care of it?”. The goal of the program is to offer free DEXA exams in two places, spine and hip for women and men of all ages. The examinations are implemented in collaboration with the nationwide chain of diagnostic centers Affidea.

Anyone wishing to receive a voucher to “cash in” at one of the Affidea centers, can contact the secretariat of the Society.