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The present website (www.osteocare.gr) is the electronic platform of the non-profit association under the name “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” and the distinctive title “Butterfly”. The information and services which are provided through the present website are consistent with the promotion of the statutes of the aforementioned association which are constituted of the following, according to article 2 of the statute: The aim of the Association is to provide information regarding the problem of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in Greece, the provision of support, information and advice to people who suffer from osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other bone conditions as well as to their family environment and to anyone interested in receiving information on medical issues affecting society, the dissemination of the most contemporary information (to anyone interested) in terms of the current prevention and treatment methods as well as any collaboration with equivalent associations and organizations both domestic and foreign.

Using the website www.osteocare.gr of the non-profit association “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” requires the unreserved and full acceptance of the present General Terms and Conditions, which you are kindly requested to study carefully. In case you disagree with the General Terms and Conditions of the website you are kindly asked to discontinue its use.

The present website contains medical information whose nature is exclusively informative-advisory, is not exhaustive and can by no means replace the advice, diagnosis and treatment provided by your primary care physician.

The visitor/user bears sole responsibility for the use of information and services of the present website.

In any case, the users/visitors of the website www.osteocare.gr unreservedly and fully accept its terms and conditions and fully comply with them. The use of the website by minors is allowed only with the clear consent and the supervision of their parents or those who have their parental responsibility.


The present website reserves the right to unilaterally modify, renew or cancel part or the total of the general terms and conditions of the services it provides. Because of this, the visitor/user should always check the content of these terms and conditions for any possible changes. Browsing/using the present website, even after possible modifications equals to the unreserved acceptance of those modified terms and conditions on the visitor’s/user’s part.


The visitor/user is responsible for access to the services of the present website. This access is likely to require payment deposit fees to third parties, the payment of which burdens the visitor/user exclusively and completely.


The present website reserves the right to unilaterally change or/and discontinue the services it provides and the way they function any time, temporarily or permanently, partly or in whole, without previously notifying the visitors/users.


The users/visitors of the website www.osteocare.gr are able to direct to third-party websites using hyperlinks. The content of these websites is formed with their owners’ exclusive responsibility and the non-profit association “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” does not guarantee nor is it responsible for any damage that may arise from their use. Moreover, it does not bear any responsibility for the content, the legality or/and accuracy of the foresaid information and/or the quality of the content of the specified websites. The visitor/user is exclusively responsible for any access to them.


The content of the present website belongs to the Association “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” and it is regulated by the national, local, and international provisions regarding intellectual and industrial property with the only exception being the clearly acknowledged rights of third parties. The names, distinctive titles and features, logos, images, videos, trademarks and all documents of this website as a whole, as well as the trademark registrations and service logos are protected by the Greek, local and international laws regarding trademarks and industrial and intellectual property. In any case, their appearance and exposure to the website “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” should by no means be perceived as transfer entitlement or release or right of use.

Any copying, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, modification, republication, downloading, distribution, transfer, amendment, resale, use for assignment purposes or deception of the public regarding the true provider of the content of the present website is forbidden. Reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of content, in any way or means, for commercial or other purposes is allowed only with a written consent of the present website. Exceptionally, saving individually one and only copy including part of the content to a personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use and without eliminating the fact that the content came from the present website is allowed as long as the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights are by no means infringed.

All other products or services mentioned on the websites of the present link and bear the trademarks of the relevant organizations, companies, collaborating parties or associations comprise their own intellectual and industrial property rights and, therefore, those bodies bear relevant responsibility.

The medical articles that have been compiled by doctors-partners of the Association comprise their own intellectual property right. However, publishing rights are granted to the present website. Similarly, texts which capture personal stories/testimonies of women (members or volunteers of the Association) who have experienced some bone problem and the accompanying photos of the foresaid natural persons comprise their intellectual property. The present website, however, reserves the right to publish them with their written conferral and consent.


The present website gives the visitor/user a non-exclusive non-negotiable, personal, limited right of access, use and presentation of this website and the contents of it, according to the terms and conditions of the present and of all applicable laws and regulations, and especially of the law regarding intellectual property rights (L.2121/1993). This permission does not comprise title transfer of the website and its content and it is subjected to the following restrictions: (1) all copies of the website and its content and all annotations which concern intellectual rights and other property rights must be kept (2) the visitor/user can by no means modify the website and its content nor reproduce or publicly present or distribute or otherwise use the website and its content for whatever public or commercial purpose, except otherwise allowed with the present article or with a previously clear written permission of the present website.


8.1. Internet disclaimer and limitations of liability.

The present website is in charge of collecting, processing and distributing its content but it does by no means guarantee the adequacy, completeness or sufficiency of it and the absence of any potential errors.  Thus, on no account does it guarantee and consequently is not responsible (not even unintentionally) for whatever damage may be inflicted to the visitor/user by the use of the present website, since, as already checked, the visitor/user must always ask for the advice and the knowledge of their primary care physician when deciding on specific medical issues. Moreover, the present website is not responsible for the reparation of any possible damage that may be inflicted to visitors/users or third parties due to a cause that may be attributed to the function or not, the use of the website, any possible lack of services/information provision commonly provided or any possible intervention of third parties to services/information provided by the website which are not allowed.

Furthermore, the present website is used on your own responsibility. Therefore, the website bears no responsibility for any potential delays/failures/pauses or damage of whatever data or information is related to its webpage. Besides, even though the present website makes all effort and takes all appropriate measures to ensure the safe browsing of its visitors/users to its content and services, by adopting current, high quality safety specifications according to market trends, it can by no means guarantee that the site itself or any other relative site or servers, through which all this is provided to the visitors/users contain no “viruses” or other harmful elements.


The users of the website www.osteocare.gr must comply with all regulations of domestic, European and international law and abstain from any illegal business practice, unlawful or/and excessive use of the content and services of the webpage and not proceed with actions or/and omissions that are likely to inflict any kind of damage to the webpage, to the Association or to any third party or infringe the confidentiality or the privacy of information of whichever person and for whatever reason. The website users of www.osteocare.gr accept that they will not use it for sending, publishing, posting, e-mail sending or transmitting in any other way whatever content is illegal, harmful, insulting, annoying, defamatory, mean, lewd, threatening, scandalous, pornographic, violating of someone else’s privacy, spiteful, racist, expressing racial, national or other discrimination, likely to harm minors in any way, ineligible to be transmitted according to the legislation or the contractual or managerial relationships (such as internal information, property and confidential information that have been acquired or disclosed as part of the working relations or ones covered in confidentiality agreements), infringing of any patent, trademark, commercial secret, intellectual rights or other proprietorial rights of third parties, nor use the website to imitate any natural or legal person or act on false statements regarding the visitor’s/user’s identity or deceive when it comes to the relationship or/and the collaboration of the visitor/user with any other natural or legal person, containing software viruses or any other codes, documents or programs which have been designed so that they interrupt, harm, destroy or ease the function of any software or computer material, intentionally or unintentionally, violating the existing Greek and local legislation and the provisions of it, nor harass third parties in any way and with whatever content is used for the collection or saving of personal data related to other users.

It is also noted that, in case the visitor/user wishes to sign up online either as a regular or a helping member of the Association or make an online donation according to all the above, they agree that: a) they provide true, accurate, valid and full information related to the personal data they are asked from the present website while completing the relative forms of the contract and b) to keep and diligently update the details of their subscription so that they remain true, accurate, valid and complete. The present website bears no responsibility in case the user provides inaccurate information regarding the details required.

8.3 Advertisement

The present website bears no responsibility for the content of the advertisements which are displayed. Exclusively responsible for the content of the advertisements is the one advertised. The website, therefore, bears no responsibility for any contact of the visitor/user with third-party service providers advertised on the present website nor for any potential commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.


Personal information protection is applied through the current national legislation regarding privacy policy processing as well as through the relevant provisions of the European law (according to EE 2016/679 Regulation (GDPR)).

During their visit, visitors/users of the webpage www.osteocare.gr are likely to be asked to provide personal information that concern them (name, occupation, e-mail address, date of birth etc) so that they can take part in competitions, either in the forum or in chat. Any personal information they declare anywhere on the pages and services of the website www.osteocare.gr are exclusively asked only to secure the function of the relevant service and they will by no means be used by any third party without abiding with the provisions of L.2472/97 regarding protection from any personal data processing as applied and completed under the decisions of the Chair of the Data Protection Board, P.C. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of L.2819/2000 as well as of the European Law (instructions 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).

The website www.osteocare.gr runs according to the existing Greek and Local legislation and keeps the personal data of the visitors/users safe for as long as they are registered to any of its services and they are deleted when any transactional relationship ends.

 The records of the data kept are likely to be shared with the national judiciary, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and according to the current existing legal provisions. Within the frameworks of the legislation regarding communication confidentiality, the transactor has the right of formal notice and rejection that articles 11-13 of L.2472/97 prescribe.

The personal data the visitors/users declare anywhere on the pages and services of the website www.osteocare.gr are exclusively used by Butterfly, Bone Health Association. They will be used by the data controller or handler for the relevant services and for serving the causes of the Association. The personal data of the visitors/users are not provided to third parties.

The website www.osteocare.gr runs according to the existing Greek and local legislation and keeps the personal data of the visitors/users safe.

The subscriber to www.osteocare.gr services has the right to ask for an update, correction, deletion and transfer of their data at any time by contacting the Association at info@osteocare.gr.

The present privacy policy applies only to the website and the Association’s offices. The present policy does not apply for information collected through any other website or for company practices which it does not control. The Association is not responsible for the privacy policy practices of other websites and it is advisable that visitors/users read the privacy policy of any website they visit, so that they are fully aware of the regulations and terms of their browsing and, by extension, of their data security.

The personal data which the present website collects are the following:

1. Regular member Subscription

For an online subscription to the Association as a regular member the following compulsory details are asked while completing the relative form: Full name – father’s name – address – city – postal code – prefecture – landline number – mobile phone number – e-mail – date of birth – credit card details (if the alternative of a bank account deposit is not chosen). All these details are also required for issuing invoices and kept in the financial records of the website. This information is completely confidential, it is not shared with third parties and it will for no reason be used by third parties.

2. Helping member Subscription or placing a donation to the Association

For the online subscription to the Association as a helping member wishing to provide financial aid to the work of the Association or for donating for this cause completing the following details in the form provided is required: natural person’s full name or legal person’s business name  – address of the natural person or legal person’s offices address  – city – postal code – prefecture – telephone number – e-mail – credit card details (if the alternative of a bank account deposit is not chosen). All these details are also required for issuing invoices and kept in the financial records of the website. This information is completely confidential, it is not shared with third parties and it will for no reason be used by third parties.

3. Credit card details

The use of credit card by the visitor/user for the aforementioned reasons (regular or helping member subscription or donation to the Association) is charged only once and only for the specific transaction. The credit card details are not kept in record and cannot be used for any other purpose. The website is not responsible for the privacy policy terms and conditions which are adopted by the financial institutions it collaborates with for completing the aforementioned transactions.

4. Newsletters and contact form completion

For subscribing to mailing lists of the present website newsletters, the visitor/user is asked to provide the following details: e-mail – name – surname- telephone number. The present website has the right to keep a record of e-mail addresses of the recipients for sending informative messages, other than the newsletters, unless the recipient does not wish any of that. These details are never disclosed to third parties and the present website will on no account use the specific service in any harmful way. The visitor/user can, at any point, ask for the discontinuation of the electronic messages to their e-mail, by sending a relative mail to the address: info@osteocare.gr.

Likewise, for online contact of the visitors/user with the present website the completion of the following details in the contact form provided are required: E-mail – name – surname – telephone number. These details are never disclosed to third parties.

The information that is likely to be collected automatically during the visit and the interaction of the visitors/users with the website is the following:

– Internet Protocol (IP)

– The type of browser and the operating system.

– Your internet connection speed and information regarding the software programs which are installed on the computer.

– Basic information regarding connection to the server and

– Information collected through HTML cookies, Flash cookies and other similar technologies.

With the visitors’/users’ consent, the Association may use their mobile phone number to send promotional messages, updates or other services.

Satisfying requests: With the visitors’/users’ consent, the Association uses the information collected to satisfy the requests of visitors/users for products, services and information.

The Association informs the visitors/users that whenever considered necessary, all data the latter declare, are encrypted and kept within a specific framework of security regulations.


The present website may use cookies to provide each visitor/user with information and better services. Cookies are alphanumeric small files which are sent and kept to the computer of every visitor/user, saving settings and preferences you have already made on our webpage, so that they automatically appear during following visits to the present website. It is noted that cookies do not harm the computer of visitors/users nor the files kept in them. It is clarified, however, that the visitor/user of the present website can set their server in such way, so that they are either notified for the use of cookies at specific services of the website or not accept the use of cookies on any account. Moreover, through the browser settings, the visitor/user is able to delete the already saved cookies at any time.

What is more, the present website or the applications linked provide hyper links of as well as details for third-party websites (natural or legal persons’) or relative applications. The website does not control nor does it bear any responsibility for the availability, the content, the credibility, the security, the privacy policy, the quality and the completeness of the services of other websites and pages to which visitors/users are directed through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. It should by no means by regarded that the website embraces or accepts the content or the services of the websites and the pages to which it directs or that it is linked with them in any other way. As such, the use of services and products of the specific links is carried out with the sole responsibility of our visitors/users and for any problem that may arise, during their browsing to the specific linked websites or any issue related to transactions with them, the present website bears no responsibility.


The present general terms and conditions of the Association’s webpage use as well as any modification/renewal of theirs are governed by the Greek Law. The visitor/user clearly accepts that exclusive jurisdiction and responsibility for whatever conflict may arise with the present website is the Athens Court of Justice. If any of the aforementioned terms proves invalid, it does not affect the validity and the influence of the other terms which remain fully effective. No modification of present general terms and conditions of the website of the Association “Butterfly, Bone Health Association” can be applied, except in case it has been put in writing and has, according to the clear statement of the contracting parties, been incorporated to the present general terms and conditions of the website www.osteocare.gr.



https://osteocare.gr/eshop/ is the e-shop of product display and  disposal of the non-profit association under the name “ Butterfly, Bone Health Association” and the distinctive title “Butterfly”, TIN: 099537037, Kifisia Tax Office (association registration number 22395), tel: 213 2086698, email: info@osteocare.gr based in Kifisia, 10 Athinas Str., in Greece. Before visiting the e-shop and browsing the webpage, users/visitors have to make sure that they agree with the below-mentioned terms and conditions, since any further use and browsing of the webpage(https://osteocare.gr/eshop/) means the clear and unreserved agreement and consent of the users/visitors to those terms and conditions as well as their commitment to them. Therefore, in case of disagreement, this webpage must not be used. It is highlighted and clarified that all the general terms and conditions of the website use apply according to paragraphs 1-11.

12.2. General terms and conditions

Butterfly Association states that through this webpage it can sell products to the Member and the User with the aim of supporting the causes of the Assocoation, always complying with the general terms and conditions as well as based on the regulations that are enacted by the existing legislation regarding distance selling. The User agrees that they have read and comprehended not only the terms and conditions of the webpage, but also the sales terms and conditions of products before they proceed with distance selling of products through this webpage. They also acknowledge the Association’s right to discontinue distance selling at any stage, should there be a hindsight of not complying with the terms and conditions on the User’s part as well as claim any positive and/or consequential loss or damage inflicted on the User’s aforementioned behavior.

The User accepts that, in order to proceed with the use of the webpage and any following transaction, they have to be 18 years of age, otherwise they are obliged to abstain from any action related to all the above.

Presentation-description of products: as it has already been mentioned, Butterfly Association is able to display its products through the webpage. It is by no means committed to continuously or for a certain amount of time display the same products and it is at its sole discretion to make changes to the catalog of the products displayed based on its commercial policies, without the User having the right to stake any claim eg. indicatively for withdrawing a product on the part of the Association. In any case, the Association states that it has made all effort so that the main details of each product are accurately included and clearly displayed. However, as it has already been mentioned for technical reasons, such as alterations in the browsing program, the software of the browsing device or the screen sizes, or due to errors which emerge out of slips and without the Association’s liability, there may be differentiations, for example, in the color of the products or even in their depiction as a whole and the User accepts that the Association bears no responsibility for that. Moreover, in certain cases, there may be measurements provided with the description of the products. At all events, the Association informs the User that they can ask for any clarification regarding the products by calling at 213 2086698, Monday-Friday, 10:30-14:00 as well as by sending an email to info@osteocare.gr . It is further recommended that the User should contact the Association at the contact details provided above before they proceed with an online purchase from the webpage should they notice any obvious errors regarding the way of display/ or even description of any of the products such as, for example, a description bearing false characteristics or a potential sale of a product at a price that seems unreasonably high judging by common experience etc. Furthermore, it is likely that the webpage includes products of third parties, which are displayed with the characteristics, descriptions and measurements based on the details provided by the suppliers. Therefore, the Association bears no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

Product availability. The Association informs the User that they are able to proceed with ordering products which are displayed on the webpage, always taking into account stock availability for which they will have been informed by the Association beforehand.

Checking and the right of discontinuing an order. The Association informs the User that it reserves the right to proceed with checking the order eg indicatively and not restrictively in case of a purchase of great value or in case the details provided are non-existent or obviously inaccurate or even proceed with not accepting the order for whatever reason.

Product prices. The price of every product is the one that is defined on the webpage anytime, except for cases of an apparent mistake. The Association always makes sure that all prices on the webpage are accurate. However, mistakes may occur. In case there is a mistake found regarding the price of any product the User has ordered, they will be informed immediately and they will be given the chance to either place a new order with the altered price or cancel the purchase. If it is rendered impossible for the Association to contact the User, the order will be considered canceled and the full amount paid will be refunded to the User.

The Association is not obliged to provide the User with any product in a wrong, lower price (even if already sent and shipping is confirmed), in case the mistake in the price is obvious and indisputable and can rightly be acknowledged by the User as a wrong price. Prices on the webpage include V.A.T, but not shipping costs, which are added to the total price. Prices are likely to change at any time. However, notwithstanding the above, possible changes will not affect orders for which order confirmation has already been sent and for which the User has already paid.

Moreover, the Association states that it is not committed to the User regarding altering product prices which are already posted up on the webpage. Factors such as changes in the discount policy, construction cost, product purchases from a potential supplier of the Association or the disposal of products on offer are likely to affect end price.

12.3 Purchase Procedure

The User is able to proceed with purchasing products. For the purchase of products the User will be asked to provide some personal details whose accuracy and true the User guarantees to the Association and consents solely with their statement to their collection and processing, so that the order can be completed. Direct attention is placed to the User regarding the correct and based on their preferences product order. They should act upon a detailed overview-check of the order before sending it to the Association, given that there is the ability to correct as well as cancel the order before it is shipped through steps appearing on the webpage .

12.4 Product Orders

After the completion of the order the following message appears: “YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETE. THANK YOU. Your order number is …………… . Please check your e-mail. We have sent you a confirmation e-mail with all your order details”.

12.5 Phone order

The Association informs the User that they can also place a phone order of products they wish to purchase. In this case, the User consents that they have been informed and accepted all present terms and conditions, the special sales terms and conditions, the total cost of the order as well as all arrangements of product shipment and delivery. For the process of the order to be completed, the User will be required to provide some personal details and more specifically an e-mail, a first name, a last name, a delivery address and a mobile phone number together with the name of the order receiver.

12.6 Canceling an Order

Order cancellation can be made in the following cases:

• Before order is completed, during the online order process the User can press the button “Cancellation”. By “clicking” on it, the order process is automatically discontinued.

• If the online order has been completed but the product has not yet been shipped, the User can call at 213 2086698, 6979252570, 6979251025 and one of our associates will proceed with the cancellation of the order.

12.7. Product payment methods

For the products ordered through the website the User can choose to proceed with the payment using a Visa, Mastercard or Maestro credit cards or/and debit cards, by depositing the amount to a bank account, through PayPal Express Check as well as by COD. More specifically:

i. Paying by credit or a debit card: In case the User wishes to pay for the products with any of the aforementioned cards, the corresponding amount will be withheld and received by the Association. The User accepts that if the choose the aforementioned payment method they are subjected to a validation check regarding their personal details and that the Association is not responsible in case the card is declined and for that reason shipment of the products ordered is not feasible. The Association informs the User that transactions through credit cards on the website are conducted through the ALPHA Bank payment services. In any case, all card details of the User within the frameworks of secure use and payment processing are encrypted. In any case, the Association informs the User that in case an amount is withheld for which eventually the sale of a product is not completed e.g. due to lack of availability of the product, the full amount the User has paid will be refunded. In any case the User who chooses to pay by credit card and is also its holder,  is obliged to be present on the day of the delivery and have the credit card and the ID card at hand. Credit cards are subject to validity checks and approval on the part of the card issuer of the User. If the card issuer of the User does not approve the payment, the Association bears no responsibility for any potential delay or non-delivery and concluding a product sale contract will not be rendered possible.

ii. COD Payment

Payment of the owing amount to the authorized employee of the Association’s collaborating courier service upon delivery at the address defined by the User. There is an extra charge of 2,50 euros for orders placed with COD. The Association informs the User that the method of payment in COD is available for deliveries of products within Greece.

iii. Bank account deposit payment

In case the User wishes to pay the cost by deposing the amount to a bank account, they are able to proceed with depositing the amount to the bank accounts below.

Piraeus Bank

Account Number: 6435010061090

ΙΒΑΝ: GR 50 0171 4350 0064 3501 0061 090

Account holder: Buttertfly, Bone Health Association

Alpha Bank

Account Number: 148 00 2320 0032 74

IBAN: GR08 0140 1480 1480 0232 0003 274

Account holder: Buttertfly, Bone Health Association

Then, the User has to sent the proof of deposit, on which their name should be mentioned, through their declared e-mail address to the e-mail address info@osteocare.gr.

The Association informs the User that in case they choose to pay by depositing the amount to a bank account, they are obliged to deposit the amount of the order within a ten-day period from the day they placed the order of the product, otherwise the Association will cancel the order. In any case, the Association informs the User that the initiation of the order shipping process, in case of a bank account deposit, requires a prior deposit of the amount on behalf of the User, according to the aforementioned.

iv. Payment via PayPal. The User is able to pay for the products they wish to purchase via PayPal payment services, according to the specially defined terms regarding payment through the above mentioned system.

v. Paying at the Butterfly Association offices. In case you have chosen to receive your order from the offices of the Association, you can pay for your order cash on delivery (10 Athinas str., 14561, Kifisia, Athens). For any information, you may contact us at  info@osteocare.gr or call at 2132086698.

All orders, including taxes and obligatory fees are paid in euros. Product purchase entails payment obligation on the webpage User’s part. The Association informs the User that, depending on the way they choose to pay, they are likely to be burdened with shipping costs according to the existing legislation. Every bank charge that may arise is paid by the user that carries out the transaction. Every overdue, unpaid amount will be burdened with an interest according to the legal default interest, exclusively to the discretion of the e-shop and will be applied immediately ten days after the date of billing or immediately after the rejecting notification of the bank payment. Furthermore the online store https://osteocare.gr/eshop/ reserves the right to cancel or postpone the whole order or its delivery, whatever the nature and the step of process, in case of non or partial payment of whatever amount the buyer owes, in case of fraud during payment or in case of fraud or attempted fraud while using the webpage https://osteocare.gr/eshop/.

vi. Phone order payment

The Association informs the User that in case of a phone order they are able to use both bank account deposit and COD as payment methods.

12.8. Product shipping and delivery process

i. Method of product shipping and delivery. Product deliveries will be carried out through the courier service which the Association collaborates with, and more specifically Speedex, to the address provided by the User when completing the order details. For deliveries abroad, delivery will be made through DHL courier service. The order will be delivered to the receiver only after the receiver shows their ID card to the courier service representative at the time.

ii. Product delivery times

Product deliveries through courier service are made to the declared by the User address, from Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.00 (for Attica). The Association delivers the product from 13.00-17.00 working days from the day the order is completed. Delivery time is indicated; it concerns the working days from the date of departure and may change depending on cases (weather conditions, inaccessible areas, strikes, bank holidays, due to reasons of force majeure). In case a product is not available/ readily available, the User will be informed in time for the estimated time of delivery. For the rest of Greece and abroad, time of delivery is defined by each courier service.

iii. Shipping costs. The Association informs the User that shipping costs for the products ordered within Greece burdens the User. More specifically, shipping costs amount to 5 euros for shipping within Greece. For products which will be delivered abroad delivery costs amount to fifteen euros (20 euros)and burden the User. Credit/debit cards payment are accepted only for pickup at a SPEEDEX store.

v. Order information. The User will be updated for order shipping. In case of any last minute change, regarding the delivery of the order, the Association can inform the User in any suitable way through the contact details provided by them.

12.9 Delivery methods.

The Association informs the User that for deliveries within Greece ordered products can be delivered with the following methods:

● Delivery to the address declared by the User.

● Delivery to the SPEEDEX store declared during order submission. For the delivery they will previously be informed through a text message on the mobile phone declared.

● Delivery at the Association’s offices chosen during order submission is also an option. For the pickup from the Association’s offices, the Association informs the User that their order will remain at the offices for 10 working days. After this time the order will be canceled and the products will go back in stock.

12.10 Other delivery terms and conditions.

a. The Association informs the User that in case the Speedex representative is unable to find the receiver of the order, they will attempt a delivery once more and then the order will remain available for pickup at the central store of the area for 10 working days. After this time, the order will be canceled and returned to the Association.

b. The Association informs the User that it bears no responsibility for not any unsuccessful attempts or non-delivery of the products ordered in case the User has not declared correct contact details.

c. The Association informs the User that it puts great effort in delivering its products within the time limits mentioned above. This, however, may not be always feasible for reasons that go beyond the sphere of its responsibility, such as weather conditions, strikes, delays on the courier service’s part as well as deliveries to more inaccessible areas etc. In such cases, the User will be informed and the Association bears no responsibility. In any case, as it has already been mentioned, the Association reserves the right to make changes to the product delivery methods and time of delivery without previously informing the User and the User accepts that.

d. In case the products the User has ordered are not readily available, the e-shop reserves the right to postpone time of delivery up to 30 days after the date of its completion and after informing the User accordingly. The above mentioned deadlines do not apply for periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes and in any case of reasons of force majeure that are likely to affect delivery times.

It is noted that if, after 30 days from the day the order is available for delivery, this specific order is not yet delivered for reasons the Association is not accountable, the Association will take that the User wishes to cancel the sale contract and the contract will be considered terminated. As a result of the termination of the contract, every payment the Association has received by the User will be refunded to them, including delivery costs (except for extra delivery costs that arise in case the User has chosen another method of delivery other than the suggested one). However, the shipping costs that have arisen due to contract termination may be higher and burden the User.

e. The Association informs the User that if they wish for any special treatment regarding time delivery of the products, so that they are delivered on or until a specific date, they should inform the Association via telephone or e-mail at info@osteocare.gr beforehand.

12.11 User’s rights.

i. Order history. The User is able to go back to order details and for this reason the Association keeps a relevant record.

ii. The Association informs the User that they have the right to ask for a replacement or the repair of a product or ask for a reduction in price or ask for a refund in case there is some unanimously accepted quality of the product missing or in case an actual flaw is observed, always according to the specifics of article 534 CC. In any case, the Association reserves not only its right to check and find out any possible lack of quality or/and the existence of an actual flaw as well as any other right of it.

12.12 Withdrawal/Return-Product Replacement

Right to return products due to withdrawal of the sale.

The Association informs the User that they have the right to return the product they have bought from the webpage based on the specifics of the relevant legislation and the below-described process on condition that the relevant proof of purchase is also returned.

1. Withdrawal right. The User has the right to withdraw from the purchase they have made through the webpage without mentioning the reasons:

–  Within 14 calendar days from the day they or a third party that has been indicated by them acquires the possession of the product they have bought.

Within 14 calendar days from the day they or a third party that has been indicated by them acquires the possession of the last product they have bought, in case more than one products have been ordered by the “User” in one order and were delivered separately.

Within 14 calendar days from the day they or a third party that has been indicated by them acquires the possession of the last part or the last item in case of product delivery comprised of multiple parts or multiple items.

2. Ways of exercising withdrawal rights: The User is able to withdraw from the purchase they have made within the above-mentioned timeline on condition that they have previously informed the Association and they return the product together with the relevant proof of purchase. Withdrawal is exercised within the above-mentioned deadline exclusively in writing with the User sending the withdrawal statement whether by fax or by e-mail to www.osteocare.gr or by completing the e-mail form on the website. Notice to the Association for the withdrawal of purchase on the User’s part is proven only when the Association sends a confirmation of the withdrawal statement received, once received (in all the above-mentioned ways, that is by fax or by e-mail at www.osteocare.gr or through the e-mail form of the webpage).

According to article 3 par.12 of the 2251/1994 Law regarding Consumer Protection, there is no right to withdraw from the following distance-made contracts:

1) supplying products that are made according to the consumer’s specifications or ones which are clearly customized.

2) supplying products which may spoil or expire soon.

3) supplying sealed products which are not suitable for return, due to hygiene reasons, which have been unsealed after delivery.

4) supplying products which, after delivery, are indispensably mixed with other elements due to their nature.

5) supplying sealed sound records or sealed video records or sealed software which are unsealed after delivery.

6) It is noted that there is no right for withdrawal for purchases through the online store lower than 30 euros (article 3a par.4 2251/1994 law).

12.13 User’s Obligations

A. Product return deadline. The User who decides to make use of the above-mentioned withdrawal right is obliged to return the product without any inexcusable delay and within the 14-calendar-day deadline from the day they announced it, according to the previously described to the Association decision of theirs to withdraw from the sale agreed. The deadline applies if the User returns the product before the expiration of the 14-calendar-day deadline.

B. The products that are returned to the Association must not be used, damaged or subjected to any kind of intervention or damage by the User. In any case, all products that the Association sells through its website have a special tag which must not be removed or they have a specific packaging which again must be maintained, so that the return of the product is acceptable. The User is obliged to return the receipt together with the product.

C. The User has to handle the product in such way that suits its use, and, therefore, not cause any form of damage to it, something that will lead to a potential decline of its return. The Association informs the User that the product is important to be returned in its initial packaging and without having been used. In any case, the User is responsible for any potential reduction to the value of the product only as a result of their handling it differently and not because of handling it to see the nature, the characteristics and the function of it.

It is advisable that before returning the product there should be some contact with the Association.

12.14. Association’s Obligations

A. In case the User exercises the right to withdraw according to the specifics of the present terms and conditions, the Association will return every payment it has received from the User, without any inexcusable delay and definitely within 14 calendar days from the day it was informed on the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract, according to the above-mentioned specifics of the relevant paragraph.

B. Notwithstanding the above, the Association is not obliged to return any additional delivery expenditures the User has deposited, if the User had chosen a method of additional financial burden other than the suggested, cheaper one the Association offers.

C. The Association will return the money to the User by using the same payment method the User used during the initial transaction and always according to the specifics of the existing legislation regarding relevant transactions. Especially for the cases of COD and bank account deposit, refund will be made by deposing the amount to the user’s bank account. The bank account will have been defined by the User and will have been mentioned on the text of their withdrawal statement. Furthermore, in case of credit card charge and as long as the amount has been deposited to the online store https://osteocare.gr/eshop/ until withdrawal, the online store https://osteocare.gr/eshop/ will be obliged to inform the bank for the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will proceed with all actions expected based on the individual contract they have concluded with the client. After the bank is informed, the online shop https://osteocare.gr/eshop/ bears no responsibility for the time and method of conducting the reversal which is regulated by the aforementioned contract. In case payment has been made in cash, if the user had chosen to pick up and pay the products at the Association’s offices, refund will be received at the office where the product was picked up from.

D. The Association will send the collaborating courier service to the declared address of the User, so that they will collect the product returned. For cases of product return from abroad, the User is burdened with the return expenditures of the product themselves.

12.15 The right to return products due to withdrawal because of a faulty product. In case of a faulty product, the User has the right to ask for a replacement or repair of the product or withdraw from the sale or ask for a price reduction, according to the specifics of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code regarding sales, article 534CC. In any case, the Association reserves all its rights and mainly those of control regarding the existence or not of the indicated flaw or the unanimously agreed quality of the product returned.

The aforementioned deadline of return for replacement cannot exceed fifteen (15) calendar days from the day of delivery.

In case of faulty products returns of the present terms, the User is burdened with the shipping costs of the products returned to the e-shop and the e-shop is burdened with the shipping expenses of the replacing product. When the flaw is confirmed, the product is repaired or replaced. Otherwise, the transaction is canceled  in case the repair or replacement of the product in a reasonable time limit is not possible. In all cases of the present terms, product returns can be carried out either with their delivery to the Association’s offices or through shipping in one of the available methods provided by the e-shop as long as they had been sent by post.

 In any case, the return and replacement is applicable under the following conditions:

the User must contact the e-shop the same or the following working day and

• the product must be unused

• the product must be accompanied by all necessary documents which prove the transactions (e.g. ID card, receipt etc).

In case the products are not returned within the indicated deadlines according to the present terms, the Association has the right not to accept the return and replacement.

It is the user’s responsibility to reimburse the e-shop if they have used the product further than it needs to verify the nature, the characteristics and the function of the products by the time the withdrawal is stated or in case they have returned them destroyed or incomplete. Verification of the nature, the characteristics and the function of goods should be conducted based on the information provided on the packaging of each product as well as the supplementary information the e-shop provides and without the packaging having been opened. The e-shop is willing to inform the user for whatever question may arise in terms of the nature and the function of products by providing further informational material by mail or any other way. In case the packaging is opened or the products returned are destroyed or incomplete, the e-shop reserves the right to ask the customer for a reimbursement, the amount of which will be defined based on the products’ condition, as well as based on the unilateral decision of the Association to a full or partial setoff of its demand from the customer.

12.16 Passing of Risk and Possession of the Products.

Responsibility for the products is passed to the User once the User or a third party the User has indicated, other than the courier, has acquired possession or control of the products. Possession of the products passes to the hands of the User either with the complete payment regarding the products on the Association’s part, including shipping costs, or with their delivery (as this is defined above) if it is carried out after the payment.

12.17 Special Provisions

a. It is clearly agreed that the present terms and conditions, regardless of the place of residence and the citizenship of the user-visitor, are governed and interpreted by the Greek Justice and whichever conflict may arise is solved exclusively in Athens Court of Justice.

Every process service of a legal dispute or necessary contact of the e-shop is carried out according to the personal details the user/visitor has declared when signing up to the e-shop or whatever other way they have chosen to contact the e-shop with. Not exercising or timely exercising whatever right derives from the present terms and conditions does not comprise the quiet quitting or the clear quitting of any right or power or reimbursement right the law defines, since the e-shop has the right to exercise its rights whenever it considers it necessary and useful for safeguarding of its interests.

b. All amendments of the present terms and conditions are in writing and this is the only way they are proven. The Association has the right to change or/and cancel part or/and the total of the present terms and conditions and the User is obliged to refer to them before browsing the webpage.

c. In case the present contract is partially or fully canceled with a court order as illegal, but valid and forceable for the part that is not canceled it remains valid, mandatory and applicable.

d. The Association informs the User that based on the existing European Legislation the online resolution of consumer conflicts that arise within the limits of online sales contracts between the consumer, permanent resident of the EU and the merchant located in the EU is applicable. Therefore, in case the User carries out a purchase through the webpage and a conflict arises, they are able, as consumers, to resort to the platform of the online address https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm? event=main.home2.show&lng=EL for its resolution. According to the Directive No: 7033/2015 of the Ministerial Decree (OGI B’/1421-9th July 2015) the Consumer Ombudsman- European Consumer Center Network is authorized as a contact point of the Online Dispute Resolution (144 Alexandras ave., PC 11471, Athens, Tel +302106460862 +30 210 646081814, fax +30 2106460784, email: info@eccgreece.gr ).

Furthermore, in case the User wishes to resolve whatever conflict through the Alternative Dispute Resolution they can be informed on the procedure by the General Secretariat of Consumer Protection Agency through the website http://www.efpolis.gr/el/epanorthosi-askisi-dikaiomaton/79-exodikastiki-epilisi.html.

e. If the visitors/users have any inquires or need any clarifications regarding the use of the website, they may contact the Association by calling at 2132086698 and by sending an e-mail to info@osteocare.gr.

It is hereby certified that you are over 18 years of age and you accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy/protection of the personal data of the webpage of the e-shop https://osteocare.gr/eshop/.