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Healthcare Business Awards, ATH, Greece, 2018



Our Society was awarded, once again, at the Healthcare Business Awards 2018. The event, organized for the 3rd consecutive year by Boussias Communications and Health Daily. The event rewarded the innovation, development initiatives and practices that stood out over the past year across the Health spectrum. Finally, our Society won the Bronze award at the Healthcare Business Awards for offering the 1000 DEXA bone density tests to our fellow citizens nationwide!

However, this was not the only award of the night that concerned the Butterfly Society. The pharmacy cooperative PRO.SY.F.A.P.E.  was awarded for the information conference on osteoporosis that was organized together with our Society in February. Congratulations to all!




Best Media Campaign, HEL, Finland, 2018

The Butterfly Bone Health Society won the 1st prize again among 212 countries for the creation of the best publicity campaign (Best Media Campaign), at the World Congress of Associations for Osteoporosis held in Helsinki, Finland, on 31/5 – 2/6/2013.

On the occasion of the big – charitable – dance marathon (StarDance Zumbathon Party) held in November 2012 to support the goals of the Society, our Society achieved international recognition for the best publicity campaign of the event, with the least possible expense for promotion.

In fact, this time the Jury left the participating Associations to vote for the winner for the best and most creative publicity campaign for skeletal health!

Ms. Tsekoura, President of the Society said: “Being selected by Patient Associations from around the world is a real recognition, but this award is also an opportunity for all of us to remember how much we can achieve when there is unity and mutual support!”

Our Society’s previous recognition was in 2007, when it won the 1st prize for its general action and contribution, at the Association’s World Congress held in Miami, USA.                

Linda Edwards Memorial Award, FL, USA, 2007

The World Congress of Osteoporosis Association held in Miami, USA (11-14/12/07) had many pleasant surprises in store for Greece. The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) announced during the congress that the Butterfly Bone Health Society is the winner of the “Linda Edwards Memorial Award”.

A few words about the award: This award was established in the context of the recognition of Linda Edwards’ multifaceted action in recognizing and establishing osteoporosis as one of the most important chronic diseases.

Linda Edwards, who died in December 2002, has been a pioneer in the defense of osteoporosis both in the United Kingdom as director of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and through the International Osteoporosis Foundation, where she led the international osteoporosis movement.

The “Linda Edwards Memorial Award” was established in 2003 in recognition of her enormous contribution to the global osteoporosis movement.

This award is given every two years in the context of the World Congress of Associations. This year, the congress was held in Miami, United States.

The winner, selected by the jury of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, must be a member of the International Osteoporosis Foundation and be an example of Linda Edwards’ spirit (“think big”, practical and cost-effective projects, dedicated staff, imagination, scientific solvency).

The Society must also prove its need for financial support as well as the probability of success of the plans/actions it proposes.

The submitted exhibition developed the whole nature and the work of the Butterfly Bone Health Society. Also, there was an extensive analysis of all the information, promotion, events and scientific research that have taken place as well as rich photographic material that proved our action throughout Greece.

“This success is a success for both our Society and Greece. We promise to give our best” said Ms. Drakopoulou, Communications Officer of the Hellenic Society for the Support of Osteoporosis Patients, when she received the award from the Senior Executive of IOF, Daniel Navid and the President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, Pierre D. Delmas.

Thank you all for the support!