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A course of so many years is difficult to be reported briefly. All these years we have done small and big actions with a lot of love and devotion to the people who need it. What cannot be captured is the gratitude and support of the ordinary people who stood by us and all the good words that gave us the strength to be here today!

2020: The Covid-19 pandemic hit the actions of all Patients’ Associations in the country. But we kept supporting patients even door-to-door! Constant presence next to patients through webinars with various topics.

2019: provision of 200 free DEXA examinations to patients throughout Greece. At the same time, holding informative events by providing free preventive checks throughout Greece.

2018: participation in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (HPIONI). Information of all health structures of the country for osteoporosis and falls. Winning the bronze award at the “Healthcare Business Awards”.

2017: offering 1,000 free DEXA exams to patients throughout Greece. Walks, scientific lectures, conferences with a total of more than 15,000 participants.

2016: implementation of the “stop the pain” program by providing kyphosis – scoliosis examinations, foot exams, orthopedic arthritis assessment and other examinations in structures throughout Attica. Reinforcement of the Butterfly equipment with new machines.

2015: application of the calcium calculator in Greek and its availability on the website of our Society for all patients. Offering 5,000 x-rays of the spine to patients, all over Greece.

2014: Approach of patients from all over Greece to provide information and valid monitoring of their health. Collaboration with pharmacists and universities for the training of health scientists.

2013: 39 events all over Greece, 8,500 free scoliosis kyphosis and bone density tests! But above all, the winning of the 2nd world award by the IOF for our action (Helsinki, Finland)

2012: Informative events throughout Greece that at the end of the year reached 9,000 people! Informative actions on the role of menopause in osteoporosis. It was a very creative year!

2011: Preparation of the largest epidemiological study on vitamin D in Greece, with a nationwide sample from each region of Greece.

2010: Program for systematic information of health professionals about osteoporosis, holding large Conferences open to the public in Athens and Thessaloniki. Events with preventive checks and in various companies for their staff

2009: Commencement of the program of preventive examinations of kyphosis – scoliosis in children and adults. Informative visits to schools and Associations.

2008: Acquisition of the second unit of bone density measurement. Creation of the “Live better” magazine for the valid information of patients throughout Greece.

2007: Winning the 1st world award “Linda Edwards Award” as a reward for the multifaceted action of our Society. Awakening events of the public throughout the country continue unabated.

2006: Representation of Greece at the World Club Congress in Toronto, Canada and presentation of our work. Free preventive checks continue, covering 20 large areas.

2005: Preparation of preventive examinations in 18 remote areas and in large urban centers of our country.

2004: Commencement of a large epidemiological study for the creation of the skeletal health map in Greece.

2003: Acquisition of a bone density measuring machine and beginning of a preventive examination campaign throughout Greece. Commencement of the celebration of the World Osteoporosis Day in Greece with informative actions.

2002: Organization of printed information material by category (diet, exercise, fractures, prevention, etc.) and its distribution nationwide.

2001: Collaboration with scientific bodies on osteoporosis in Greece to highlight the problem in the scientific community.

2000: Official member of the large community of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), which enabled Greece to follow closely the international developments.

1999: Establishment of the Society and organization of the members of the Society nationwide.