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Be a volunteer

The daily heroes of our Society are our volunteers!

All these people are our second family. Regardless of age, employees or not are next to Butterfly and take care to cover the daily needs of the Society and with their knowledge and experiences participate in our nationwide activities.

Who can become a European volunteer?

Everyone! Anyone who wants to take the time to contribute to the work of our Society is welcome. There is no age limit, nor educational level limit.

What is the process to become a volunteer?

Please send an email to info@osteocare.gr with your CV and we will invite you for an individual interview at our offices. Once you join our team we will help you by training you and we will give you tasks that you like and are related to your qualifications.


Where can a volunteer work?


  • Telephone briefing of the members of our Society
  • Organizing informative and entertaining events
  • Participation in research and elaboration of works
  • Participate in the content renewal of our website and social networks
  • Secretarial support/Archiving
  • Participation in festivals/bazaars/exhibitions/conferences
  • Participation in exercise, nutrition and psychology seminars

Can a volunteer help without physical presence?

Of course. After completing the training, the volunteer can undertake tasks which, if he/she wishes, he/she can perform from his/her place.

Experiences of our volunteers:

Carousel with stories of some of our volunteers: